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Positive study on L-Carnitine for burning fat

Surely you have heard more than once about L-carnitine, and on many websites it is put as the miracle molecule to burn fat, but really none of the studies that had been done on L-Carnitine had been positive to burn more fat.

This means that if no study was positive, supplementing with L-carnitine was as useful as doing with water alone, beyond the placebo effect (psychological effect that gives results when thinking that positive), but today we are going to bring you a positive study on L-Carnitine.

What is L-Carnitine

L-carnitine is a molecule essential for burning fat, which is manufactured by your own body from the amino acid lysine and vitamin C (another reason for not missing this vitamin), and is also found in many foods, especially meat.

L-carnitine molecules have the mission help cross the long chain fatty acids the mitochondrial membrane in order to convert them into energy (this is done in the mitochondria) inside the cells.

Mainly L-carnitine was sold as a medicine for those people with certain diseases heart or liver that have a deficit of this molecule, but people who are healthy do not need it since they already have everything they need in their own body.

The issue is that taking advantage of the L-carnitine theory, isotonic drinks, herbal pills or supplement capsules have been sold in order to drink it just before training in order to burn more fat. But Will getting more L-carnitine make us burn more fat?

Does more L-carnitine mean more fat burning?

Until recently all serious studies had been negative when trying to show that by adding more l-carnitine we were going to burn more fat. None of the tests performed with various diets, somatotypes and / or types of exercise showed improvement in the amount of L-carnitine present in the muscles, so the conclusion was that taking L-Carnitine you could not increase your levels in healthy people.

But surely you have stayed with the "until recently" of the previous paragraph, since there is currently a study that has found an increase in 21% L-carnitine in the muscles of the people who took it. That means that these people burned more fat and less muscle glycogen, had better sports performance and less fatigue. Come on what has always been sought when taking L-carnitine in supplement.

What is the peculiarity of this unique positive study? Here I leave you to take a look, but the key is simple, the results appeared after six months of supplementation with 4 grams of L-Carnitine per day, and previous studies lasted a few weeks and with lower doses.

So, do I take L-carnitine?

Still! Surely more than one has left as a rocket, directly to the suples store, herbalist or pharmacy to buy L-carnitine to stop a train in order to melt its michelines and finally see that six-pack so desired, but before you must apply common sense.

Read the conclusion of the study well, so that you start having results you have to be for 6 months, nothing more and nothing less than taking 4g of L-carnitine every day, so nor is it a cheap solution and much less a quick solution, come on I would not give you time to look tipito this summer.

In addition L-carnitine it will produce more fat oxidation only if your body has reason to oxidize fat, if you think it is to take it and throw yourself on the couch to watch TV badly come on. So I recommend that you start doing sports, take care of your line and you will see how in 6 months before you have good results.

Video: L-Carnitine. How to Mobilize Fat & Enhance Brain Health - Thomas DeLauer (January 2020).

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