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Editor'S Choice - 2020

An original vending machine that only accepts points from the Nike + Fuelband

In order to break the concept we all have of vending machines that quickly give us access to products that generally do not contribute to health, Nike has created an original vending machine that only accepts points from your Nik + Fuelband.

Of course, to advertise your bracelet that quantifies daily activity and other brand products, this original Vending machine It does not offer refreshments or snacks, but all kinds of objects dedicated to runners that can be accessed without money, with the points that each person accumulates in the Nike + Fuelband.

Thus, users of this bracelet that add points with each movement or activity they perform, can exchange them for t-shirts, socks, caps and other products for their favorite sport.

The original vending machine is located in New York and plans to reproduce to other cities in the United States, although we all want to reach a machine of this type that encourages us to move and that also offers us pay for objects and sportswear with the points we get from our movement.

Although it is an advertising more than Nike, the concept and idea is very original and attractive, so I wanted to share with you this healthy vending machine that does nothing but encourage us to be active.

This idea also proves that when we save money or get something in return, we feel more motivated to move, therefore, thinking of the exercise as an investment and a tool to achieve good achievements can be a valid incentive to remain active. Anyway, I'd love to have a vending machine like this one nearby. Would you like to access it?

Video: Make It Count (January 2020).

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