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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The most difficult and demanding bodybuilding exercises

When we work the muscles we find different movements that we can perform, some of less complexity and others that represent a real challenge for our body. Today, we show the most difficult bodybuilding exercises that you can execute if you are looking for more requirement for your training.

Because they demand a lot of muscular strength or because they require the presence of different skills together such as strength, power, balance, coordination and others, the following bodybuilding exercises They are truly demanding for our body:

  • Pistol squat or one leg squat, which requires a lot of balance and muscular dominance, since with one leg we must descend and raise the whole body without losing posture. To test it, you need to know very well the technique of the base squat and have previous strength in the lower body train.
  • One hand dominated. The dominated ones are in themselves a demanding and complex movement to carry out, but it is even more difficult to lift the entire weight of the body by holding with one hand as shown in the following video:
  • Dragon flags, which is one of the most challenging movements for the abdomen because it requires a lot of muscular strength to sustain the posture and control the descent of the whole body with the middle area.
  • Human Flag or the human flag, which consists of positioning us perpendicular to a vertical bar, holding the entire body with the support of the hands on the bar. It is a very demanding and complex exercise, which requires superhuman strength, like that of the spectacular Frank Medrano.
  • Push-ups with one hand, that is, instead of supporting the entire weight of the body on both arms, we mobilize by means of flexion and the strength of one arm. Really demanding! Watch it in the following video:

As we can see, many of these exercises they are performed with body weight, but the complexity lies in the instability, in the postures and in the force that is required for its realization. Really difficult right? Have you tried any of these demanding exercises?

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