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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Routine to progress strength in the three basics

A few weeks ago we brought you a four-day routine to improve strength and aesthetics and we also told you how to destroy your marks in a squat in addition to bringing you a special routine for runners. For all those who seek to gain strength in the three most important basic exercises: bench press, squat and deadlift, we bring you a fairly hard routine.

It should be noted that in this routine the important thing is not only the types of exercises and order, but also the progression of Kg that is handled in each of them. Here I will talk about percentages to increase every week, but each one must adapt it to their strength and their brands.

Gain strength and muscle mass all in one

Explanation of strength routine

This force routine is quite demanding, really adapted to the weights that each person handles could be done from a beginner to an advanced or expert, however, I would recommend that everyone conservatives using the initial 1RM to calculate the charges to handle in each training (that is, if you are able to perform bench press with 90Kg at a repetition, calculate about 82.5 or 85Kg).

Based on the routine outlined in the previous point, I will detail what kind of progression would follow over the weeks depending on each of the three main exercises:

  • Bench Press: the frequency applied to this movement is 3, that is, a bench press would be performed 3 days a week. The idea is to follow a style similar to what would be done in a Smolov Jr type routine, but with small changes (for starters, it is frequency 3 instead of 4). We would go from less volume and more intensity to more intensity and less volume. As a recommendation it would increase the load by 1% - 3% (between 2Kg and 4Kg) every week at each of the three days. If the first week we drive: 60Kg - 65Kg - 68Kg, the second week 62Kg - 67Kg - 70Kg
  • Squat: frequency 3 would be applied as well as the bench press. In this the idea is to go from greater intensity and less volume to less intensity and greater volume, just the opposite of the bench press. As for the progression of loads, it would go up 2.5Kg every week, since the percentages are quite high and going up more would be quite complex.
  • Dead weight: two would be trained frequently, low volume and high intensity. It is not necessary to train more frequently or more volume because, when training squat, the force will be transferred quite a lot to our dead weight. It would be interesting to alternate prone grip with mixed grip, prioritizing prone grip as much as possible within the force we have.

Recommended diet, cardio and other auxiliary exercises

In relation to diet we can have different cases, on the one hand, if our goal is to gain strength, I I would recommend a moderate normocaloric or hypercaloric diet (200Kc or 300Kc of surplus, no more is needed). In this way we will notice a fairly high progression and we will also gain enough lean mass if we evolve and progress properly.

Now, if we are in a period of definition, we should logically follow a hypocaloric diet, but I would recommend that was not with an excessive deficit, otherwise you will not be able to perform this routine correctly or the progression will be too slow.

As for cardiovascular exercise, I would not do an excess cardio, maybe one HIIT day, if possible the last day of the week to be able to have two or three days of rest until the next. It could also be interesting low impact cardiovascular exercise such as walking or walking with inclination, No more than twenty minutes.

Regarding auxiliary exercises, you can enter more than those indicated, but always trying not to fatigue the area that we will train intensely the next day.

Clarification on weekly progressions

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis routine is to follow the weekly force progression scheme indicated in the paragraph in which I explain the routine, however, a small important clarification, every 3 weeks the cycle is restarted, I give you an example (assuming a 1RM of 100Kg in PB):

  • Week 1: 5x5 72Kg - 7x3 80Kg - 10x2 85Kg
  • Week 2: 5x5 74Kg - 7x3 82Kg - 10x2 87Kg
  • Week 3: 5x5 76Kg - 7x3 84Kg - 10x2 89Kg
  • Week 4: We repeat week 2
  • Week 5: We repeat week 3
  • Week 6: 5x5 78Kg - 7x3 86Kg - 10x2 91Kg

I have done the accounts by increasing 2Kg weekly instead of 2.5Kg.

Video: Strength Training For Young Athletes. Cincinnati Children's (January 2020).

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