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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Trivial Summer Fitness: solution to the basics (II)

We have finished the first week with the Trivial Summer Fitness in which we have tried the basic concepts of fitness and in which participation has been quite good, a total of 46 participants.

So, once the participation of this first theme of the Trivial Summer Fitness, we bring you the solution with a small explanation to each of the questions, but remember that if anyone does not agree with any of my answers, they can explain why in the comments of this post.

Trivial basics solution

  1. What muscle group is seen in the image? Solution: D) All of the above
    I do not think that this first question has to be explained much, since it is evident that the triceps, dorsal and / or trapezoids are seen in the image, among other muscles in the back of the torsno.

  2. Which of the following is a method of muscle training? Solution: C) Full-body
    The fullbody is a muscular workout in which the whole body is trained with basic exercises.
    Some may think that superseries is also a training method, but in reality it is a way to execute a series composed of an exercise, although there are methods with series composed of superseries but the training has another name, such as, for example, triseries from Poliquin.
  3. Weight training what type of exercise is it? Solution: A) Anaerobic
    Anaerobic exercise is physical exercise that includes brief strength-based activities, such as sprints or weightlifting, while aerobic exercise is focused on endurance activities.

  4. What muscle groups is the image boy training primarily? Solution: C) Pectoral, deltoid and triceps
    The boy in the image is doing push-ups (push-ups for some), in which the pectoral is mainly worked, in addition to the triceps to perform the push exercise and somewhat the deltoid, but never the dorsal that is a pectoral antagonist or Biceps, triceps antagonist.

  5. What do the abbreviations of HIIT translated mean? Solution: B) High intensity interval training
    The acronym HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which translates as High Intensity Interval Training or High Intensity Interval Training, that is, very intense short sprints to raise COPD after performing it for as long as possible.

  6. In fitness it is more important to know the Body Mass Index or Body Fat Index (IGC) Solution: C) The IGC
    Obviously it is the IGC, and although I wanted to point out in fitness I think it is much more important to know the% of fat before the BMI in every way. I have come to go a medical annealing with 79kg and 8% body fat and as the BMI gives me over 25 to put in the report "FIRST GRADE OVERWEIGHT" ... Without words.

  7. Which group trains in isolation with the exercise the boy in the photo is doing? Solution: C) The biceps
    The guy in the picture is doing bicep curls, so he is focusing his work on the biceps of the arm. As for the biceps peak there is no exercise that accentuates it, the famous biceps peak is genetic.

  8. How much should you rest as a rule when doing a pectoral training (split routine / Weider)? Solution: D) 72 hours minimum
    In divided routines (Weider), large muscle groups must have a minimum rest of two full days, that is, 72 hours after training, small groups of 1 day, that is 48 hours, but there is no maximum, although there is The same group is usually trained once a week or even in some cases two with this type of training.

  9. Doing weights that "energy" is used? Solution: B) Fat and muscle glycogen
    In any exercise, both glycogen and fat are used, although the% of each varies depending on the intensity and duration of the exercise performed. Although mainly glycogen is used, fat is also burned, even to a much lesser extent. Eye, sure there is now a punctilious that tells me that if you only do a repetition or a series to death the source of energy will be ATP (adenosine triphosphate), but we are talking about a typical weight routine, even though there is no ATP among the answers is understood in which approach the question was directed.

  10. What is the name of the place where the dumbbells that are seen in the photo are left? Solution: D) Rack
    These "shelves" of the image to leave the weights are called a dumbbell rack, and it is sure that the "rack descent" exercise consists of getting lower weight weights series after series without rest until the dumbbells or energy run out .

We will show the classification after the first two weeks or topics so that there is more emotion, but even Those who have not yet participated in the topic can participate since the questions will increase their value.

On Friday another new theme: the accessories !!!

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