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Your weekly diet with Vitónica (CLXIX): with Mediterranean recipes included

Feeding in the best Mediterranean style can offer great benefits to the health of our body, therefore, today in our weekly diet we bring a menu with Mediterranean recipes included It will help you plan a healthier and tasty diet.

Weekly Mediterranean style diet

By incorporating a wide variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and olive oil as well as other sources of good fats for the body, we can easily achieve a Mediterranean style menu, very tasty and nutritious.

Here our weekly diet with Mediterranean recipes included that we can all try at home:


BreakfastGlass of milk with toast with avocado and tomato puree.
MidmorningBowl of yogurt with oatmeal and sliced ​​banana.
FoodSalmon Marmitako with potatoes. Pomegranate
SnackGlass of milk with whole wheat toast with jam.
DinnerSauteed mushrooms with carrots and chestnuts. Khaki


BreakfastBowl of milk with cereals and chopped almonds.
MidmorningFresh fruit Macedonia with yogurt.
FoodChicken stew with chickpeas with paprika. Orange.
SnackTea or coffee with whole wheat toast with cheese.
DinnerBaked zucchini with tomato and provencal of anchovies. Apple


BreakfastGlass of milk with toast with olive oil and tomato.
MidmorningTea or coffee with half a sandwich of fresh cheese and tomato.
FoodPasta, cauliflower and black olives salad. Custard apple
SnackYogurt with fresh grapes and sunflower seeds.
DinnerFresh spinach salad with blueberries, nuts and cheese. Pear


BreakfastTea or coffee with sandwich of turkey breast, tomato and watercress bread.
MidmorningBowl of milk with oatmeal and sliced ​​banana.
FoodRice and lentils with prawns. Kiwi
SnackGrapefruit juice and whole wheat toast with cheese and jam.
DinnerChicken in eggplant and tomato sauce. Tangerine


BreakfastOrange juice and toast with cheese and jam.
MidmorningYogurt with almonds and diced mango.
FoodStewed vegetables with beans and pasta. Pomegranate
SnackGlass of milk with whole wheat toast with olive oil and tomato.
DinnerWraps or tacos of lettuce with sauteed veal. Apple

You see that it is not very difficult to feed the best Mediterranean style if we choose seasonal products, variety of legumes, cereals and vegetables For our dishes.

To help you further achieve Mediterranean diet, we leave our menu with recipes included, easy to make at home.

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