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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Fit to Fat to Fit: the new fitness reality that triumphs in the USA

The majority of reality shows succeed on television, no matter what genre they are: they can be singers, partner search or even fitness. And a fitness reality is the last sensation on American television: his name is Fit to Fat to Fit (Free translation: in form - fat - in form) and you can see it re-posted via YouTube.

What is the novelty of this format? In each chapter you follow a personal trainer with one of your clients who obviously wants to get in shape. Now, one of the ways to motivate the customer is that your trainer increases up to 40% of your weight (there is the "fit to fat") and get both together ("to fit" again). Would you be willing to do that?

At the moment they have four chapters of the ten planned for the first season, and perhaps one of the most impressive and for which this program has jumped to the media is the case of Adonis and his client Alissa. You can see the change of image of Adonis in the image that heads the post: brutal transformation, of having a muscular and dry body to gain weight and lower it again.

Adonis gained about 30 kilos based on junk food (you can see everything he ate on his Instagram profile) and then make the reverse path with Alissa. Based on an hour of weights and an hour of daily cardiovascular exercise, in addition to a high-protein low-calorie diet, Adonis managed to lose 25 kilos and Alissa 26 in four months.

Very interesting is one of Adonis' statements, which tells us that when he could not gain more weight based on junk food, what he did was incorporate sugary sodas to your diet to keep going up. He also points out that when it came to losing weight it was difficult to leave junk food and sodas, which had become a kind of addiction.

Adonis with a few extra pounds and ready to get rid of them

My personal opinion (and I emphasize "personal") is that in this case it comes into play much more than a good physicist for going out on a television show. Gaining and losing weight in such a drastic way and in such a short time has consequences not only on your figure, but also on your health. These programs generate mixed feelings because on the one hand they can show people that they can get in shape, and on the other they make such great changes in such a short time that they stop being healthy, is everything worth the image?

What do you think? Would you be able to raise 40% of your weight and then lower it again? What would be your motivations?

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