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Tips to lose the last rebel nut

We are already at the end of July, in the middle of summer, but August and September are still ahead to look palm on the beach, so if you are at a pretty good definition point, but you still want to finish sculpting your body, today we are going to try to give you some tips to get rid of that last rebel fat.

Let's not fool ourselves, the last rebel nut is not 4 or 5cm in waist, we talk about people who are, in the case of men, about 9% of body fat and in the case of women around 14 or 15% , that is to say, people who are now in a very low fat percentage.

Diet adjustments to lose rebel fat

Without a doubt, the most important thing is to continue maintaining a caloric deficit, but in these cases, absolutely any variable already plays a crucial role, even when we ingest what foods the results can vary, so we go with the advice on food to achieve this goal:

  • Always maintain a low calorie diet: although it seems something quite ... the truth is that many people are in a total of Kilocalorías quite low and sometimes it is difficult to be strict enough to achieve this goal, but it is crucial to continue maintaining a caloric deficit in the diet (it can be weekly, it doesn't have to be daily).
  • Follow a low carbohydrate strategy with loads: While it is true that each person is a world when it comes to managing carbohydrates and that there are excessively fast metabolisms, normally, to give a final push to the final fat loss, it is interesting to follow a fairly low carbohydrate strategy during almost all week, adding a day or two of hydrate loading. We talked about carbohydrate cycling in this article.
  • Enter fasting: We have already talked about intermittent fasting on occasion and the myth that revolves around the number of meals when it comes to losing fat. In people who do not normally fast, the introduction of fasting can be a breakthrough for fat loss.
  • Carbohydrates, around training: if possible, it would be interesting that if an intermittent fasting strategy is followed in which only two meals are made on the day, these two meals revolve around training, that is, the first meal could be made 2 or 3 hours before to train, and the next to finish the training, the second being somewhat more complete than the first.

Adjustments in training with loads

While it is true that I always recommend trying to maintain the maximum possible strength, in this case, we are looking for the maximum possible fat loss, and more specifically, the final fat. So for this the best thing is, in addition to trying to maintain our strength, find workouts that also cause a greater loss of Kilocalories.

The best thing in these cases is to plan a progression of strength for basic exercises, and more aerobic strategies for the rest of the exercises, such as adding exercises in triseries or biseries with little rest, or some metabolic circuit, such as performing between five and ten series of:

  • 100 jump rope
  • 10 pushups
  • 5 dominated
  • 10 squats with body weight
  • 20 jumping jacks

This is an example of a circuit, but each person must know their physical capacity and fitness, in addition to suffering from any type of pathology that prevents them do any of the mentioned exercises.

Extra cardiovascular exercise

While it is true that we have already spoken even in vitonics about the indifference of performing cardiovascular exercise on an empty stomach or at any other part of the day, when it comes to the final fatYes, there seems to be certain studies that have concluded that fasting cardiovascular exercise can give a boost to that final phase.

However, I repeat, these indications or tips are only for people who are already at a very low level of body fat and who still want to lose some more fat, that is, people who usually have a good condition physically, metabolically adapted to a diet low in kilocalories and that can Make a little extra temporary sacrifice.

As for the type of fasting cardiovascular exercise, extra to everything mentioned above, it is not necessary that it be a high intensity exercise, just the opposite, it is preferable that it be of low intensity and long duration, for example, a walk of forty minutes or an hour.

Do not forget that this is an extra extra and that the important thing is to comply with the hypocaloric diet, fight to maintain maximum strength in the process and combine, in the rest of the workouts, high intensity interval cardiovascular exercise (HIIT) with LISS.

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