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Choose gym or activity in September: the keys to getting it right

With the end of summer and vacations the same scene is always repeated, hundreds of people who come to the gym in mass. It is the eternal promise after holiday excesses, to resume physical fitness through exercise. It is true that it is the best way and one of the strongest motivations to start. But the choices we make are not always the best and most lasting. Therefore in this post we want to take a tour of the points to consider when we choose gym or sports activity.

When it comes to sports, there are many clichés and extended beliefs that often make us fall into mistakes when choosing the activity that suits us best. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to keep in mind the time we are going to devote to training, adapt it to our visa form life and schedule, to our personality ... These variables must be present to know how to choose both the gym and the activities that suit us best.

Join a low cost gym, a mistake if we are beginners

Signing up for a gym without more is usually the first step we usually take when it comes to starting sports. But here you have to be especially careful, since it does not help anyone. First of all we must keep in mind the offer they have at our disposal, in addition to the treatment they will give us. In recent times the low cost gyms They are sweeping down their low prices, but the services they offer are minimal. Above all they are not recommended for beginners who do not know the activities or the machines or anything like that, since they will not have supervision at any time.

The low cost gyms They are recommended for people who already have a knowledge of training, routines, exercises and their development. Especially since nobody is going to ensure the correct fulfillment of the routines and the different training tables that we are going to carry out. Nobody is going to review them and much less, nobody is going to correct us in case of making mistakes. Therefore it is not a good option for those who start.

Gyms with room monitor, a wise choice if we need help

For those who have no knowledge of how to train, or for beginners it is better to go to a gym that offers advice from a room monitor. This person will introduce us to the different devices. This monitor will perform different routines that will vary over time, in addition to correcting us in the exercises and providing support every time we need it. It is true that these types of gyms are more expensive, but they are more useful to start and learn with a good base.

Specific activities, better in specialized centers

In the case of wanting to carry out other activities such as yoga, pilates, group activities such as TRX, Crossfit ... There are specialized centers that are always much more recommendable than a gym that has a mix of activities. If we are not knowledgeable about the activity, it is always better for a specialist to guide us. Therefore, going to a center with professionals trained in the subject will help us to know the activity better, love it and last in its practice.

There are many conventional gyms that offer these activities so they have the tools to develop them. But not everyone has the right staff to help us carry out the activity. In many cases the classes are virtual or with a monitor that controls the theory but is not prepared to impart that discipline. Therefore it is highly recommended that depending on what we want to achieve, we go to one type of center or another to achieve not only better results, but also end up loving the activity and last a long time in their practice.

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