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Five tips to keep training, even when you're on vacation

Are you going to the beach for a week? If you are looking for rest, nothing will happen because you stop training in those days: you will not lose your gains, you are not going to return with 10 kilos more nor are you going to become a much slower runner for spending a week without training.

But nevertheless, there are many people who even prefer to continue training on those vacation days so as not to lose the habit and because, in addition and more important if possible, it is more a hobby and an activity that they like than an obligation.

If this year you want to continue training also when you are away from home, We give you a few tips so that laziness does not take over you and you can keep up the training pace.

  • Choose the first hours of the day: In addition to why they are usually the freshest and ideal for running, if it is your choice, or to make a small circuit of strength, because in addition you will leave it done from the beginning of the day and you will have the rest of the day off. How many times have we said that "then I train, then I do it" and we have finished not doing it? The sooner you do it, the better.

  • Take some training material with you: You do not have to take a pair of 12 kilos kettlebells, but it is enough that you put in your suitcase something that occupies so little and is as versatile as elastic bands, mini-bands, a TRX or a jump rope. The fact that you put it in the suitcase is already a declaration of intent.

  • Take advantage of your training to know new places: Runner tourism is in vogue and is a great way to get to know a new city by sneaking. You can prepare an itinerary for the city you are going to visit yourself or join one of the running groups that are dedicated to career tourism, which are not few. If your option is the second one, it is better that you make the reservation from your own home to secure a place in the group.

  • Use what you have at your fingertips to vary your training: If you are on the beach, take the opportunity to run along the seashore or to walk in the water, for example. This will give your body a new stimulus, you will get out of the routine and try other types of effort. Or maybe you can try other sports like surfing or start diving. If you are in the mountains, you can try hiking or climbing, if they are activities that you do not usually do in your day to day.

  • Train with company: Surely you don't go on vacation alone, so it can be a great time to encourage your family, your partner or your friends to train with you. Training together will not only be a stimulus to train every day, but it can also strengthen the bonds that bind you and will be an injection of energy to spend the rest of the day.

And you, are you one of those who continue training on vacation or do you prefer to rest?

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