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White fat and brown fat: one stores lipids and the other burns them

It is listening to the word body fat and entering all the evils. Yes there are an enemy to beat in our body that's the fat. It is very easy to accumulate it, while burning it is the most difficult and when we start a diet our mission is to end with the maximum possible.

What would you tell me then if I tell you that not all fats are the same? Moreover, there is a good fat, which is not that we should not eliminate, but that it is good that we know how to activate and use in our favor. No, I have not gone crazy: this fat is known as brown fat and is different from white or normal fat.

What is white fat?

White fat is basically the type of fat we all know. This is found in the fat deposits we have and its only function is to be a source of energy when we need it When we do not need it - because we spend less energy than we consume - it is stored waiting to be needed and simply stays there, accumulating.

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The accumulation of this type of fat was very useful and necessary when humans lived on a very low and low calorie meal. Being able to harness the energy we consume, storing fat and burning it very slowly was favorable for survival. However, at present it is a problem since we consume much more caloric food and do not get to burn it, causing the fat to accumulate in excess.

What is brown fat?

Brown, brown or beige fat, on the other hand, does more than accumulate. And is that it is a type of metabolically active fat. This is the fat that produces heat to protect us from the cold. In general, brown fat is when we are children and we lose it with age.

However, adults can have what is known as beige fat, which comes to have the same function as brown fat, with the particularity that the latter is formed by normal fat on which the irisin hormone has acted. This hormone It is activated when we exercise or when we are stressedThis is why some research suggests that people with stress may activate brown fat more.

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In addition to this, the cold also favors the generation of brown fat or beige Therefore, it seems that it is easier to lose weight in winter - as long as we are actively trying - than in summer. And it is that brown fat fails to produce such heat to protect us from the cold of nowhere, but it does get it from burning or using normal white fat as fuel.

The bad news is that the presence of brown fat in our body is much lower than that of white fat. So, if we want to take advantage of the fact that we have it seems that the best option is to play sports or expose ourselves to the cold - although the latter is not so clear and is a much less attractive idea.

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