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Eight-week training for Behobia-San Sebastián 2018 (20 kilometers): week 6

We started downloading kilometers for our goal of crossing the goal of the Behobia / San Sebastian 2018. So far we have accumulated many kilometers in our legs and, after the long run of this last week of 18 kilometers, we are more than sure that we can cross the finish line without problems. Now it's time to subtract, rest and continue training at a slower pace.

As every week we remind you that, before starting each training, we will have to perform a small warm up in which we will include the mobilization of our joints, emphasizing ankles, knees and hips. We can also include a few minutes of quiet jogging to climb pulsations little by little.

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Monday, after Sunday's long run, is our day of (deserved) rest. If you do not want to stand still you can always go for a walk to unload the legs of the effort made the day before.

On Tuesday we have our short run of the week, as always in the aerobic zone, to improve our capabilities for longer workouts. We will try to stay in our zone 2 (between 70 and 80% of our maximum heart rate) at this exit.

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On Wednesdays and Fridays, in view of the profile with slopes of the race, we dedicate them to strength training. Preparing our buttocks for climbs and protecting our knees on descents will be much easier if we maintain strength training as a must within our routine

Thursday is our turn series training, and this week we return to the series on slope. On this occasion we will make short slopes, one minute long, in which we have to run at our maximum speed (trying to keep pace from the first to the last second). The recovery is done by lowering the slope again.

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Finally, Sunday comes our long run of the week. This time we are subtracting kilometers so that our legs do not suffer too much before the race. In the remaining three weeks, including this one, we will reduce kilometers so as not to overload ourselves.

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