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This is how alcohol, tobacco and drugs affect your sex life

When we think of the effect that alcohol, tobacco and drugs have on our body surely we will immediately think about its effects on our health. We know that alcohol affects our liver and our life expectancy, or that tobacco destroys our lungs. However, we may not think about the effect that these substances can have on our sex life.

The reality, however, is that all these substances can affect our sexuality and if we want to have a healthy sex life, along with a good sex education, it is important that we inform ourselves of how alcohol, tobacco and drug use affects our sexuality.

How alcohol affects our sex life

Drinking alcohol can help to unhinibirnos and lose track of what is and is not a good idea. Also, it is possible that some people may feel more excited, but it makes it harder to keep the arousal and reach orgasm.

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This is partly because alcohol suppresses our central nervous system. This causes the body not to react as much to sexual stimulation as in a normal situation. Therefore it is more difficult to achieve good excitement and get to orgasm.

For this same reason, it may be more difficult for men to get an erection since the penis is not able to respond equally to sexual stimulation. In the case of women, lubrication may be compromised due to the dehydration generated by alcohol.

When alcohol consumption becomes chronic, it can affect our entire sex life. To start, this consumption increases cortisol levels in our body and this causes a reduction in libido, as if we were under a stress situation.

Tobacco and sexuality

The relationship between alcohol consumption and sexual dysfunctions are slightly better known and, in part, easier to imagine. However, what not so many people know is that tobacco also does its thing at the time of suffering problems related to sexuality.

Smoking is one of the existing causes for erectile dysfunction, since the substances present in cigarettes affect our vascular system, including that of the penis. In addition to that, it affects the blood vessels, which causes less blood to reach the penis and, therefore, the erection is difficult.

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The quality and quantity of sperm is also affected by the nicotine present in cigarettes. Sperm quality worsens, reducing its number and mobility. This affects, therefore, the fertility, being able to influence the difficulty of a couple at the time of generating.

The effect of drugs on sexuality

In this case, the effect that drug use has on our sex life It will depend on the personal characteristics of the consumer, the type of drug used and if it is a habitual or sporadic consumption. Some of the most common drugs have different effects that must be analyzed individually.


Sporadic consumption of marijuana (or hashish) may cause difficulties to lubricate in women what makes sexual intercourse painful and uncomfortable. In addition, habitual consumption may cause a decrease in libido, since testosterone levels are reduced. This can translate into a marked disinterest in having sex.

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In the case of this drug its consumption can offer a feeling of euphoria and deshinibition that could give the idea of ​​being a sexual enhancer. The reality, as in the case of alcohol is another: Cocaine is an anesthetic that limits the sensitivity in our body, including the genital area.

Regular use of this drug can end up causing erectile dysfunction in men, lack of sexual desire or painful erections. In addition to this, cocaine use is highly related to performing high-risk sexual practices.


In the case of women, with heroin use Anoregasmia problems may occur, in addition to reduced libido. As far as men are concerned, they also have a lack of desire, problems reaching orgasm and ejaculating.

Of course, when the use of heroin is done through needles and these are shared the risk of contracting a disease such as HIV or hepatitis is very high, and once contracted affect the sexual life of the patient given the special care and attention that you should have in order not to infect your sexual partner.

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