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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Citrus-based spa in Valencia

Among some of the interesting offers to rest and take care of our health, we can access a very unique one offered by the Mas de Canicatti complex located in Valencia, this is the Citrus based spa.

Various treatments are within our reach, facial masks, baths, massages, etc., all using oranges or lemons as raw material. It is a large complex in which the figure of citrus fruits is highly extolled and it is not for less given the great benefits they bring to our body. We highlight the citrus-based baths and powdered milk that, according to the spa managers, tone and beautify the skin, in addition to providing various vitamins to our body. Getting into a bathtub full of orange juice is a new fashion that will surely proliferate in places where the cultivation of orange is the tonic.

A good time to go to the spa would be in spring, at which time the orange blossoms bloom and the aroma of their flowers flood the entire environment. In addition, the citrus offer also has various gastronomic preparations where orange is one of the essential ingredients.

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