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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Stress and obesity are significantly related

He stress, or rather, its mechanisms, could be an effective tool to treat obesity as can be seen from the latest research published in the scientific journal Nature. It is a neurochemical pathway that is activated through chronic stress and that allows, even with food excesses, to lose weight.

The research in which researchers from the United States, Australia and Slovenia have taken part, used monkeys and mice in their experiments and found that in animal organisms there is a "biological switch of obesity" with which fat can be manipulated . In the experiments the animals were subjected to tests such as introducing them in cold water one hour a day or caging them with an aggressive partner. The animals were also given two types of diets, one rich in fats and sugars and a normal diet. The result after two weeks showed that stress led to overweight and obesity, animals that were given a diet high in fat and sugars under stress conditions were twice as fat as mice that maintained the same diet but without stress.

Stress and obesity are related, this discovery can allow shaping the human body without surgery, several pharmaceutical companies are interested in starting research with humans, and may result in revolutionary new treatments against obesity. But until this time comes, the healthy and balanced diet and daily physical exercise will be the best allies to prevent the so-called 21st century plague.

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