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Smoking in pregnancy causes hypertension in the newborn

According to a recent investigation of the University Medical Center of Utrech (Holland), the sons of women who have smoked during pregnancy or have been in smoke environments, are smaller and thinner, less robust and also hypertensive. This Dutch study has discovered that these babies, especially boys, have the considerably higher systolic tension that the population mean and a accentuated fetal delay.

This is another reason for women not to smoke during pregnancy, since the association seems to occur inside the uterus and apparently is not related to the environment in which they live in newborns.

In the study they participated 456 children to whom blood pressure, heart rate and lung function were measured when they had two months of life. 6.6% of pregnant women had smoked and 13.8% had been exposed to environmental smoke. The blood pressure of these women did not differ substantially from one group to another, but that of their children did.

One of the most surprising data of the study appeared when analyzing the data according to sex. The newborns males they turned out to be a lot more susceptible to the effect of nicotine in the uterus since its systolic tension exceeded 8.6 mmHg that of babies of non-smoking mothers.

The research group intends to monitor these children for at least four or five years and adventure that this increased tension may be related to a greater cardiovascular risk in the future.

Video: Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema (January 2020).

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