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Exercise program to relieve arthritis

After evaluating 346 adults of an average age of 70 who suffered arthritis, researchers at the University of North Carolina study at Chapel Hill reported that exercise programs can help relieve the symptoms of the disease.
One group was assigned the Arthritis Foundation exercise program, consisting of basic and advanced exercise twice a week for one hour, for eight weeks. The other group did not participate in the physical activity program. People who participated in the program showed marked improvements in pain, fatigue and arthritis control.
The assigned exercise program includes range of motion exercises and of Low resistance, although the researchers found that by the end of the program individuals had increased strength in the upper and lower extremities. That suggests that the strength training It was effective.
The scientists concluded that the basic eight-week program is safe for sedentary older people who have arthritis, as they can start exercising without increasing symptoms.
Once again, exercise shows its benefits, even in people suffering from diseases such as arthritis that seem to hamper physical activity. The challenge is for us, there is nothing that prevents us from moving our body. Even for a few minutes, the exercise will give us multiple advantages in exchange for our dedication.
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