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10 years younger with a little exercise

Breakfast, you go to work by car, you sit in your gray office and hold on until lunchtime, frugal rest to quench your appetite and back to the pit. You get home at 10, with little desire for exercise and much desire for Zaping ',' tumbing ',' sillonball '... then to bed and start again.

Sometimes Your excellent figure is not affected by this unsportsmanlike circuit and even with a good diet we can look healthy. However, your cells do suffer from an inactivity that hurts them a lot. Exercising regularly produces a decelerating effect on aging and rejuvenates athletes for up to a decade.

Scientists at King's College London reached this conclusion after analyzing the cell age of 2,401 pairs of twins and studying their level of physical activity. In those people who performed less than 16 minutes of exercise a week they found nucleotides - the basic units of DNA - 200 times shorter than those who did enjoy sports activity, which is equivalent to 10 years of age difference.

This study is the nth one that demonstrates the benefits of exercise and the improvement in the quality of life produced by physical activity, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and death. However, the true peculiarity of this study is that it confirms that exercise has repercussions at the cellular level and could begin to be considered as an alternative to traditional diagnostic and treatment models for age-related pathologies.

Let's get on the tracksuit and feel younger.

Via | King's College London

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