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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Osteoarthritis: joint imbalance

It is proven that The healthiest sport is the one that is not practiced exclusively. The combination of sports is the best choice to achieve an optimal state of health without overloading our body with pathologies such as osteoarthritis.

Yesterday I was watching a report about the beginning of Dakar Rally (which in this edition is run in Argentina and Chile) and the preparation of Carlos Saiz included cycling, climbing, tennis, continuous tread ... Let's see why these combinations.

  • Osteoarthritis is the pathology par excellence of overtraining. The best way to avoid it is to do all the sport we want (or rather, we can) but in the most varied way possible.
  • For example, the long distance race It usually causes problems with osteoarthritis in the knee when it is exaggerated. A preventive option is to alternate this practice with the cycling.
  • In the previous example we will be combining two exercises that work especially the lower train only in different positions and with the qualitative difference that in the race there are microtraumatisms in each stride and in the cycling a continuous and circular movement is realized.
  • Another combination for the upper train would be the series with dumbbells and swimming
  • In general, the variety of sports will involve a wealth of joint movements which will be preventive in terms of osteoarthritis, since in this, a repeated movement with wear of the structures is characteristic.
  • The image shows a Osteosynthesis treatment to replace joint surfaces in the knee.

Video: 4 Simple Sacroiliac Joint Exercises for Pelvic Strength & Stability (January 2020).

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