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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The ten capital mistakes of sports training

Many people train and do not get results, this ends up disappointing anyone. If we analyze our training, surely there is always an error that spoils all our efforts. Here is a list of the ten capital mistakes of sports training, if you commit any of them try to solve it:

  • Always train at the same pace: this will make your body get used to a type of effort and when you want to progress you notice excess fatigue. The body must have a variety of stimuli, so that it continues moving forward. Do not always run the same distance at the same pace, the routes and intensity vary.
  • Not getting enough rest: training a lot is not synonymous with further progress. The body needs to recover from the efforts, but the energy deposits will be increasingly depleted, until the time comes that we will not be able to run a single kilometer. If you train your 8 hours of sleep hard, nobody can take them away from you and it is also important to download or rest sessions.
  • Train from time to time but butt: This is usually common in people who want to get in the form of a blow. One day he gives the point and runs for 15 kilometers, like this for two three weeks and then for until he remembers getting in shape again. This only causes the body to not get used to and wear a lot from such large and specific efforts.
  • Train only strengths: It is common to train only the strengths of a sport, for example just run and swim for triathlon. If you train the weak points you will be gaining in quality and improving a lot. The pool is another example, stop swimming for a while and analyze and train the technique, this will make you even better in your strengths.
  • Recover lost workouts: We cannot do double sessions trying to recover a lost workout. We will end up too exhausted and do a bad workout. If you could not do a training, let it pass, the world is not going to end, continue with your usual routine.
  • Do not worry about hydration or food: For some athletes, physical work is the only thing, it will not matter what they eat or drink, they just think that the results are obtained by training. Food and drink is the engine that makes the body move, if you don't give it adequate and enough gasoline it will stop. Take care of the food before and after workouts (and if they are long) and you will see how much better.
  • Always train only: this ends up wearing out. You always need close support to keep moving forward. The motivation increases by ten when you train in a group, the simple act of speaking, laughing and planning other training makes you want to continue training. There will be specific trainings that you can only do only, but that are the least.
  • Train when you are sick: not even the flu can stop some athletes, they will continue training. We must bear in mind that when we fall ill the body fights against external agents, it is not for additional efforts and if we start training we will reduce the immune capacity of the defenses. If you are sick, stay home and rest, it is time to go out to train.
  • Be very strict: Do not skip a comma from training, do everything and have your life revolve around training. This is a serious and almost psychological mistake that can affect family life. If one day you do not feel like continuing to train short and go home, pay attention to your head that always sees you asking for what you need.
  • Be negative: think that you train for nothing and that we will not achieve goals. The body needs motivation, not negativity. If you are negative, you will be taking 10% off your training because you will not exercise fully. Think about whatever the result you are training and it will help you to be better, healthier and the results will come. The negative being is also usually solved by going out in a group, because there are always people who see everything in positive and will make us change their minds.

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