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Editor'S Choice - 2020

A hormone that can be useful to fight obesity

Nature magazine has echoed a study that has revealed that by performing Physical exercise produces a hormone, which could be useful to fight obesity If it can be used for these purposes.

The study was carried out jointly between the Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston (United States), obtaining as a result that Physical exercise stimulates the production of a hormone called "irisin", which acts on the white cells of adipose tissue.

He contributing this hormone to the body produces increased energy expenditure (according to experimentation in mice). This means that the body spends more energy, although no exercise is being performed. Scientists think that this hormone may be responsible for part of the benefits of physical exercise, especially for the body's ability to avoid obesity.

But nevertheless, the news does not talk about feasible results, only assumptions. In theory, providing this hormone to obese people could have an effect similar to physical exercise. of some intensity, which could help reduce the level of obesity of the treated subject. If so, it could be a solution for those with morbid obesity who have difficulty losing weight.

However, there is still much to investigate, and there is nothing that can imitate, let alone overcome, the beneficial effects on the health of physical exercise, done moderately but regularly. While the hormone or medicine that "cures" obesity arrives, the best cure as well as prevention is to put on your sneakers and jump from the immobility of the sofa.

Video: Child Obesity Linked to Hormone Problems (January 2020).

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