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Obesity decreases growth hormone

To all those who like exercise and healthy life we ​​know the importance of growth hormone or GH, since it increases the degradation and consumption of fat in adults and children, among other effects.

The obesity lowers growth hormone levels resulting in greater difficulty reducing body fat. A Harvard Medical School study found that lower levels of growth hormone were related to lower densities of LDL and HDL cholesterol, which implies an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

LDL, which is actually a lipoprotein but is generally known as "bad cholesterol" is particularly dangerous when it is less dense. Similarly, HDL, known as "good cholesterol" helps reduce total cholesterol prevents cardiovascular disease, so low levels of this lipoprotein are not beneficial.

The study conclusively concluded that obese people showed lower levels of growth hormone as well as a lower density of LDL and HDL assuming an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Reference I Endocrinology, 76: 220-227, 2012
Image I Kyle May
Twitter I Sergio_Peinado

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