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Overweight in the West: the key is food

Modern life often makes us think that we dedicate little time to exercise, that we eat a lot and move little, and that is why Western society is increasingly tending to obesity. However, I read a very interesting entry that proposes studies that state that The key to overweight in the West is not sedentary, but poor diet.

Aitor, from Direct to the Palate, has commented on the subject in a very interesting post that you should not miss. There he explains, citing sources, that the problem is not the lack of physical activity, since the energy expenditure of people in developed countries is similar to that of the less developed. It is food and lifestyle that most influences overweight.

It is true that there is a sedentary lifestyle problem, which we have already commented many times on Vitonica. Children who spend a lot of time in front of television or video games, adults who work sitting and go home to rest also sitting ... However, there is also an important sector of the population that has more active and healthier lifestyles.

What I found interesting about the post I comment is that we have to remember that at the time of exercising not everything goes, and that it makes no sense to crush you in the gym, with the bike or running, then get home and eat anything, or eat fast food out of the house, drinks with excess sugar and extra-sweet snacks.

And Aitor also says in his entry that we should not fool ourselves with the machines that "count" the estimated calories we have burned, since that depends on both the person and the basal metabolic rate. That is, if the exercise bike measures for the time that I have been working that I have burned 500 calories, it should be borne in mind that, for example, if I at rest (without doing anything) had consumed 200 calories, then I really have not burned 500, but only 300. It makes no sense that I get off the bike and eat a couple of sweets with 200 calories each ...

In short, a call to common sense, to make healthy exercise always within a healthy lifestyleWell, the key is food, and exercise has to be supported by an adequate intake.

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