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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Cardio or HIIT to burn fat?

Until very recently the cardio It was the panacea to burn fat. 30-50 minutes of exercise at medium intensity and you made sure you were burning fat. But little by little we have seen how studies and practice give the winner HIIT to burn fat With high intensity interval training you can burn many calories and in a relatively short time. What is better then, cardio or HIIT to burn fat?

I don't like to give either of them a winner. It depends more on our characteristics and our level of fitness. I have checked myself in my own meats (or rather, here, in my own fats), as doing HIIT gives a good push to burn fat and improve resistance, but it also requires a certain physical condition or else "you will end up on the ground."

When doing HIIT, you not only burn calories while you exercise, but your metabolism accelerates for a few hours due to the intensity, which allows you to continue burning fat even when you are finished. With cardio, however, the metabolism returns to its basal state more quickly and although during the exercise the amount of fat burned may be greater than doing HIIT, in the long term it does not come out as profitable. In addition to this, doing HIIT increases the amount of mitochondria, so that the ability to burn fat becomes greater throughout the day.

If you are new to the world of fitness, I would advise start with cardio (2-4 times per week), doing an exercise that motivates you and you like to get hooked and achieve a good resistance base. If you already have an acceptable physical form, I recommend test HIIT (2-3 times per week) For a month, you will surely notice the difference and the improvement in resistance.

And we don't have to decide just for one, you can alternate or do a type of training every week. What is clear is that neither of them will work to burn fat if we do not take care of food and if we are not constant in time applying this type of training.

For me the key is in the condition and physical characteristics of the person You will do the training, as well as the type of exercise to choose. With HIIT the intensity is 90%, imagine running or pedaling at that intensity, more if you are overweight. If our muscles, bones and joints are not very trained, the risks of injury are high and the line to wear out is very close.

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