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The four most common mistakes when starting with intermittent fasting

We have previously talked about intermittent fasting, its benefits and we have even talked about ideal methods to start if you have never fasted before. Today we are going to focus on common mistakes when starting.

If you are interested in intermittent fasting and you feel like trying to start avoiding the following errors It will help you make the process more effective and bearable.

When it comes to start intermittent fasting It is essential to plan well at what time of day the fasting period will begin and when will we go to the food. Factors such as the time at which we train or our work hours are very important to define when to do each period.

For example, we should not train as soon as the feeding period ends. Ideally we should train at the end of the fasting period, before starting the feeding period or during the feeding period. The same goes for work. It's harder to endure a fast if you're bored at home, working hours help make it more bearable at first.

With long fasts, of 24 hours or more, you may not have to worry much about what you eat because in the end it is difficult to get a caloric superhabit with so little feeding time, but the reality is that, however much you fast if you eat more than you burn at the end of the day you will gain weight.

At hormonal level and when controlling appetite intermittent fasting is a great help, but, as with any diet in the world, the caloric balance at the end of the day is essential to achieve results or not.

This is another common mistake. It’s not just calories, it is also important to take care of the macronutrients that consumerism during the feeding period.

Protein, as always, is essential when maintaining our muscle mass, but in the case of fasting it is also important to prioritize fats over carbohydrates. Olive oil or products such as avocado or salmon rich in omega 3 are essential when we practice this type of fasting.

The intermittent fasting is an effective method to lose weight as has been shown in several studies, but it is not more effective than any other diet or weight loss method.

This is not a miracle diet, you must do it for a long period of time and ideally turn it into your lifestyle and integrate it into your day to day. It is not a miracle diet that you can only do for a couple of days.

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