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No, three pieces of fruit a day is not the maximum you can eat, even if they say it in the Karlos Arguiñano program

The myths about nutrition are in our daily lives and although, in recent years, thanks to the increasing dissemination of nutrition, we have been banishing some of those myths, others remain strong. Yet more when these myths are transmitted through large media that reach as many people as television.

If a few months ago we denied that carbohydrates gained more weight at night, after being repeated in MasterChef, today we have to deny and clarify a myth about fruit: "the fruit has too much sugar and you have to control the amount of it we eat."

In this case, this myth was repeated again on June 12 in the Karlos Arguiñano program. It was not him, but his companion Ainhoa ​​who said: "we do not have to exceed the three pieces of fruit a day, because they are foods that have sugar and can" unbalance "our diet a little if we go over" and, during these days, Networks have echoed the incorrect recommendation.

Let's see, how can messages like this be given on television?
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In this case, Ainhoa ​​Sánchez has been collaborating with the Karlos Arguiñano program and, although she gives nutritional advice, she is not a nutritionist. As she herself declares, is an intermediary of a doctor. In any case, if we have specific questions about nutrition, our best option is always to consult with nutrition professionals.

How much fruit can we eat and what time can we eat it?

Indeed, the fruit has a significant amount of fructose, a type of sugar, but not at all a type of sugar that is recommended to reduce by the WHO. The simple reason, the fruit, in addition to fructose, has other nutrients such as fiber that help us metabolize this fructose so that it does not become fat. That is, not fattening.

The only really important thing is that we eat the whole fruit and bite. This is because in this way we will make sure to consume all the nutrients in it, we will be sure that the fiber is intact, so that the fructose is metabolized well, and also satisfies much more.

The fruit, bite-eating, is very satisfying, so it's hard to imagine that we can consume such a large amount As if to make us fat. There is one thing to keep in mind: it is better to eat a lot of fruit than not to eat any. At the time we want.

The consumption of fruit has a place in any slimming diet and in any healthy diet. In fact, its consumption is associated with greater weight loss. Even in the case of diabetic people, despite what is believed, no evidence has been found that high fruit consumption has an impact on glycemic control. Moreover, the consumption of this is recommended. We must take into account, also, that the consumption of fruit tends to displace consumption of other less healthy foods.

Our particular advice is that, if you have to choose between eating the fourth or fifth piece of fruit or, conversely, some fried potatoes or a bun, always choose to go over the "recommended" pieces of fruit, without fear.

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