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How to lose weight without diet: 13 changes in your lifestyle with which you will see results

September arrives and we all think of the extra pounds we have added on vacation or that, so close to the end of the year we have not yet achieved our purpose of losing weight. Therefore, we propose to stay away from miracle diets that are only temporary resources and implement these 13 changes in your lifestyle with which you will lose weight.

Chew more every bite

A very simple change that we can implement from now on is that every time we sit down to taste a meal, let's chew every bite well.

Chewing more means perceiving more flavors, digesting better and also, facilitate the satiety process that can be achieved even without ingesting food but simply by chewing as scientists from Oxford University have concluded.

In addition, chewing more implies spending more time on each meal and this contributes to reduce food intake as a study by Appetite magazine points out.

Increase water intake

The water should be our main drink, even when we do not seek to lose weight but simply because of taking care of health and benefiting the organism.

But increase water intake and drink enough to favor the correct hydration can help us when we lose weight, since many times we confuse thirst with hunger and look for food when in reality with water it is enough to calm the appetite.

In addition, good hydration has been associated with lower body weight and mechanical effect, water intake during and before meals could you help us eat less

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can offer many benefits to the body, but they are especially useful to reduce caloric density of the diet and so, help us lose weight without us noticing.

An increase of only 100 grams per day in the consumption of fruits and vegetables may be sufficient to cause weight loss Moderate after 6 months, so it is advisable to achieve and if possible exceed, the five daily rations recommended.

Move more day by day

Physical activity is key to health care and achieve a healthy weight. Even structured training or the practice of a sport may not be necessary, but with the simple fact of move more on a daily basis It is enough to burn more calories and lose weight.

That is, the key is in become more active with small actions how to change the elevator down the stairs, descend before public transport to walk more, use the bike instead of the car to move, walk the pet more frequently, play with the kids in the house and other simple changes that help us move a little more every day.

Keep a diary or food log

The self control At the time of eating or awareness is the first step to effectively change and thus achieve the weight loss that we want so much.

Therefore, a great step we can take is keep a diary or food log which, at least during the first time, will be the resource to know exactly what we eat and the quantities as well as what we drink.

We can realize that we eat much more than imagined and that, thanks to the record this becomes conscious, real. Then, registering or keeping a food diary may be necessary at first until we are automatically aware of the amounts we eat and everything we take to our mouth.

Minimize sugar and derivatives

The sugar free or added sugars that are absorbed very quickly, has an addictive effect on our body and encourages us to eat more and more while promoting excess weight and obesity.

Thus, minimize sugar and derivatives It is a good trick to improve habits and gradually, get rid of extra pounds.

We recommend replacing table sugar with sweeteners and also avoid honey, syrups, fruit juices, syrups and everything that may contain them.

Eat always sitting at the table

Eating while driving, while walking, cooking or working is always the cause of an unconscious and probably excessive intake.

Therefore, if we seek to lose weight a good habit that we can acquire is eat always sitting at the table and if possible, without distractions. That is, if we see that we begin to eat standing in front of the refrigerator, we better sit at the table with the food in question and thus, we will be more aware of its consumption.

Further, more awareness implies more satiety and we can thus reduce calorie consumption throughout the day.

Use small plates and bring the same ones to the table

We tend to finish all the food that is in front of us, that is, we are "completers." Therefore, not carrying a container with all the food prepared or eating from the container is very useful, but instead it is recommended bring the dishes already served to the table.

Likewise, a good way to satisfy ourselves is to visualize a plate full of food, but as a study published in 2006 points out, we can ingest less amount without realizing and satisfying ourselves the same if we use small dishes.

Make the purchase in the market

A resource that truly benefits our diet and helps us lose weight is to reduce ingested ultraprocesses. That is, we recommend reduce highly industrialized products which are precisely those that abound in supermarkets.

Therefore, since what we buy we eat, we advise make an organized purchase but in the market where we will find more fresh and seasonal foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish and the like that move us away from ultraprocessed foods with more calories and lower nutritional quality.

Cook and eat more at home

The food that is made outside the home is always more caloric, it has a lot of sodium and fat, therefore, it does not favor weight loss at all.

A good trick to improve the quality and quantity of our diet is then, cook and eat more at home, thus achieving a more controlled diet, with better nutrients and to help us eat rations appropriate to our needs.

With this simple change we can lose weight in the long term, almost without realizing it.

Avoid or minimize alcohol consumption

The alcohol provides calories and prevents us from oxidizing fats when it is present in our body. In addition, it is addictive like sugar and can push us to eat more and worse.

For this reason, and because its consumption does not contribute any benefit, we recommend avoid or minimize alcohol intake.

In its replacement we can go to non-alcoholic beers or winesOr, iced tea, reduced sugar cocktails but no alcohol inside or naturally flavored waters.

Avoid frying

When frying food we are adding calories and fat to them even reducing its content in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Therefore, fried foods are discouraged when losing weight.

In order to achieve the caloric deficit that we need to lose weight over time, avoid frying It can be very useful without involving a great cost or effort in our diet.

In its replacement we can use other healthier cooking methods such as the oven, the microwave, the iron, the grill, among others.

Try to sleep better every night

The night's sleep or the rest that it provides us is fundamental so that our metabolism works properly. In fact, when we sleep poorly we tend to eat more and worse, we get stressed and this also causes a lower calorie expenditure.

Therefore, although it seems that nothing is linked to our diet, sleep better every night It can be very helpful to lose weight in the long term, without diets involved.

Keep a routine before bedtime, do not use electronic devices before bed, take care of what we have dinner and other resources can favor our night rest.

These are 13 changes you can implement to lose weight without diets in time and taking care of the health of the organism above all.

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