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Aerobic exercise: these are the different options of machines and collective classes that you have in the gym

Let's talk about anaerobic or aerobic training, the options we have for each of them are many and varied. In this case We explain the different options of machines and collective classes that you have in the gym to give variety to your aerobic training.

Cardiovascular machines


The exercise bike can fulfill a function similar to the one that the tape will fulfill, which we will see later: allow us to train with the bicycle when weather conditions do not allow us abroad.

It is a low impact exercise although you have to adjust the saddle and handlebars correctly to enjoy good ergonomics.

Like the rest of cardiovascular machines, the exercise bike It allows us to adjust the training load to our goals and physical condition.


Rowing is a very interesting cardiovascular machine because it breaks the habit of only working our aerobic capacity by contracting the muscles of our lower body. The row it involves both lower and upper train which in fact may be harder at first.

The usual rowing machines are of magnetic resistance although there are also other types.

Whatever it is the rowing machine allows us to perform different types of training: by time, by meters traveled, by rhythm and we can even perform intervals of different intensity.


The elliptical can be a good option for reduce joint impact on our knees. Like any cardiovascular machine, it can also be adjusted in intensity.

It is important keep your heels supported on the pedals and your back straight, that is, front view, shoulders back and down. If it is uncomfortable to hold the elliptical sticks, we can hold the fixed handlebar.


Running on the treadmill can be a good option for situations in which outdoor weather conditions are not ideal.

Also, if we do not have enough experience to maintain a stable running pace, the tape allows us to adjust and maintain it not to mention the ease with which series or intervals can be programmed with the speed we want.

Collective classes

Indoor cycle

If we have started the exercise bike before, now we do it with your sister the cycle bike indoor and the class where he is the protagonist.

Cycle classes indoor They usually range between 45 and 50 minutes long, including warm-up and return to calm.

They are classes where the main musculature involved is that of the lower train, which will allow us to pedal to the rhythm of the music as instructed by the instructor, which schedules the sessions following an objective that will change and become more ambitious throughout the year.

Body combat

The body combat consists of a combination of different contact sports and martial arts As the kick boxing, boxing or muay thai with a choreography to the rhythm of the music.

The classes of body combat allow us to make a eminently aerobic training in which jumps, punches, air kicks, dodges, knees, elbows are combined ... all to the rhythm of the music and with simple choreographies to reproduce.

Zumba or Latin dance

Let's call it zumba or Latin dance but whatever the base is the same: Latin inspired dance combined with aerobic training.

These classes usually succeed in gyms thanks to catchy music, movements and simple choreographies to follow, learn and execute.

Functional, crosstraining, interval training…

These kinds of classes usually have one thing in common: using high intensity interval training systems in addition to advertising claims that contain the word "functional."

They usually combine different exercises with body weight, materials and implements and although the classes adapt to any level, It is important to know the technique of the exercises first.

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