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Tattoos and sport: questions and answers to clarify all your doubts

If you have ever had a tattoo, you will know that one of the first recommendations that appear on the tattoo care sheet is that we don't do sports in a few days (the exact amount does not usually indicate it).

However, the exact time we need is not always very clear. In addition to this, when we do sports and get tattooed other questions may arise related to the effect that sport can have In our tattoos. Therefore, we will clarify some of the most common doubts.

Recommended time to exercise again

The big question among sports and tattoo lovers is how long do I have to wait after getting a tattoo before getting back to exercise? The answer is: at least five days. And we say at least, because It will depend a little on the location and size of the tattoo.

We must bear in mind that the sweat we produce when training can affect the healing of the tattoo, slowing the scar formation. But it is not the only drawback: when going to the gym with the newly made tattoo, we must keep in mind that This works almost like an open wound, and the risk of infection is very large.

Therefore, although it is hard to wait, if we want to get a tattoo we will have to accept not to exercise for a few days, Preventively

What happens if the muscle where the tattoo is increases in volume

Another very common question that can generate a lot of concern is that of if tattoos deform if we gain muscle mass when exercising and change the volume of the muscles.

The quickest and easiest answer is no. However, there are nuances to this answer. In principle, if the volume changes occur in a progressive and not too abrupt way, It should not affect the quality of our tattoo. However, if we gain or lose volume very sharply or quickly, it is possible that our tattoo is affected, blurring it or being able to deform it.

Therefore, and also for health, the gains and losses of volume and / or weight should be progressive and over time, so that our tattoo can adapt Gradually to our new muscle volume.

Special care if we do outdoor sports

One of the mistakes we can make in the care of tattoos is to treat them like the rest of the skin. But nevertheless, the tattooed skin area needs more particular care and that we must take into account when we do outdoor sports, especially in summer.

To begin, we must remember that it is not recommended that a tattoo receives direct sunlight the first month since we do it, as it can affect its quality. But after that month, regardless of the time the tattoo has, we must continue to give special care.

Of course, all our skin must be well protected with a suitable sunscreen before doing sports in the sun. In the specific case of tattoos, the precautions must be even greater. As our companions of Trendencias tell us, there are specific sunscreens for tattoos. In addition, it is very important that we hydrate well after being exposed to the sun.

The tattoo design and the definition of our muscles

Another usual doubt is what happens to the visual effect of tattoos in our muscles. Although it may seem a bit vain doubt, the reality is that after our body is curing in the gym - for health, yes, but also because we like to look good - we do not want a tattoo to affect the image of our muscles or hide them.

It is important that we have a good tattoo artist to advise us what is best in each particular case. However, the general rule is that tattoos, instead of concealing, they can help make our muscular definition more visible. In any case, it is important to make sure we get tattoos that fit our body and the shape of our muscles.

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