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Garmin presents its new Phoenix 6 from the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail: these are the characteristics of the new high-end sports watch

We continue with the season of presentation of new sports watches and, in this case, in a very special way: Garmin has chosen the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail (UTMB), one of the most famous mountain races internationally, to present the Garmin Fénix 6's new family, your high-end sports watch.

Garmin Fénix 6: these are its novelties and main features

We start with its design: the Garmin Fénix 6 keeps its round and elegant dial, but 18% larger than in previous models of the Phoenix family, to provide more information in our training. To meet the needs of all athletes, this new Garmin has housings of 42 mm (Garmin Phoenix 6s), 47 mm (Garmin Phoenix 6) and 51 mm (Garmin Phoenix 6X). At the same time, the watch is up to 15% thinner to ensure greater comfort.

Incorporates this new model the Pace Pro technology: This novelty allows us to maintain our desired career pace taking into account the irregularities of the terrain. Thus, we can maintain a stable career pace even when we encounter slopes on our route. The Climb Pro technology It does the same in climbing.

All Garmin Fénix 6 models incorporate the pulse oximeter on the wrist (in addition to the traditional pulsometer to measure pulsations at all times), which measures the oxygen saturation in the tissues and is very useful when measuring the athlete's performance.

In addition, another novelty of the Phoenix 6 family is the possibility of incorporating a "sunscreen", so we can use solar energy to charge our watch while we are training.

So, the battery duration It is one of the great assets of these new Garmin Fénix 6: according to the brand itself, with a single charge we can obtain up to 28 days of battery in the GPS Expedition mode, and up to 48 days in smart watch mode.

The classic functions are maintained

The new Garmin Phoenix 6 maintains the exhaustive maps that we can see on your screen in full color, making them perfect watches for outdoor athletes, especially for those who love to run in the mountains. We have the possibility of programming different routes, including round-trip routes (we only have to indicate to the clock what the distance we want to run and the clock will design a circular route for us) and with live directions so that we do not get lost.

Like the previous models, The Phoenix 6 family watches are multisport and support a large number of sports profiles: from running or trail running to golf, swimming in the pool and open water (resistance up to 10 atmospheres) and other combined sports profiles such as run-swim or triathlon.

Training monitoring functions are also maintained, the possibility of making payments with the watch thanks to the NFC technology and Garmin Pay, the notifications on the clock and the possibility of carrying our own music on the clock to listen to it with bluetooth headphones.

Garmin Fénix 6: prices and availability

The different models of the Garmin Fénix 6 family are already available on their website, where we can find them from 599.99 euros in its most economical version, and up to 949.99 euros in its most complete version.

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